One of the most important aspects of being an effective business person is to be able to effectively communicate. When Stan Sher became a sales trainer and business consultant he became a memberĀ of Toastmasters International. The weekly meeting allowed him to practice speaking and become more effective at it. Since 2010 Stan Sher has spoken at many events including some of the premier automotive industry conferences and conventions. Stan diversified his content and also started to focus on motivational and inspirational speaking as well.

Stan Sher has done a lot of phone skills training for auto dealerships. These trainings are usually done by webinar or seminars. He is available to train sales professionals and businesses to train phone skills and business development tactics.

Automotive Internet Sales has always been a hot topic in the automotive retail industry. As a seasoned automotive internet sales and business development professional Stan Sher has developed powerful processes that car dealerships have implemented successfully. These workshops are usually very popular.

The Dealer eTraining webinars that are made available to automotive dealership professionals come with thorough information. Stan Sher usually leaves audiences with excitement to start making the proper enhancements to their careers.

Stan Sher currently does work with automobile dealer associations across the United States. These include New Hampshire Auto Dealer Association (NHADA), Greater New
York Automobile Dealer Association (GNYADA) and NJCAR. Stan also speaks at local business events on marketing, social media and sales strategies. He is available to speak at your next event. Contact him by clicking here.