Stan Sher comes from a musical family. His father was once a drummer in club bands back in Ukraine while his mother was a music instructor teaching piano and chorus to children. Growing up in a musical household he was exposed to all sorts of music and grew a huge appreciation for all music. He grew up listening to classic rock, classical, blues, jazz and hard rock. At age 12 he decided that it was to time to start playing the guitar. He started with his first acoustic guitar and three different video guitar lessons. Over the years he would become more interested inĀ hard rock and heavy metal guitar. By age 16 he was playing serious guitar and truly enjoying the instrument.

After developing marketing, sales and social media experience in the big world Stan decided to launch a blog called Digital Guitar Player for fun. This blog has allowed him to befriend some of the greatest and most famous guitar players and musicians in the world. It also allows Stan Sher to showcase his love for guitar. his journeys to concerts and just thoughts. He has become widely known in the musical community for his contribution on the Digital Guitar Player website and social media.

At the moment Stan Sher owns nineĀ guitars that include two Fender Stratocasters, a Gibson Les Paul, a Kramer, an Ibanez Jem copy, Martin acoustic, Yamaha acoustic, Fender nylon string acoustic and a Fender telecaster.

Stan Sher can be found at the NAMM convention every year in Anaheim, CA checking out the latest and coolest gear to write about. He can also be found at concerts and hang out with some of the greatest guitar players on earth.

Other times Stan likes to sit back and play some acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is fun, relaxing and allows to experiment with natural sounds. It is just a calm and relaxing activity to entertain friends and jam out.