Automotive Digital Marketing Firm Auto Ad Builder Provides Auto Dealers Quality Marketing Services

The fast growing automotive digital marketing firm Auto Ad Builder has been serving auto dealers with the marketing services that truly sell more cars.

SOMERVILLE, N.J.March 1, 2017PRLogThe retail automotive industry has been growing tired of marketing services providers that offer very little to no value. This includes offering cookie cutter services and rarely ever being there for the dealership client when help is truly needed. This is finally changing with the help of Auto Ad Builder. “When I worked in retail it used to disappoint me when I needed help from my vendors and rarely got it” said Stan Sher, managing partner at Auto Ad Builder. He added “if I got the help it would take a long time to schedule and the meeting ended up with a webinar conference call.”

As Auto Ad Builder merged services with the top automotive sales training and management consulting firm, Dealer eTraining the proper process for managing dealership relationships started to take place. The partnership has allowed Auto Ad Builder to pick up three new clients fairly quickly. “These dealers are getting the full treatment from redesigned websites, social media management with lead generation, press releases, content management, video production as well as training and consulting for sales and management” says Stan Sher, a fourteen-year automotive executive and president of Dealer eTraining.

What makes Auto Ad Builder completely different from these typically large and more established automotive dealership marketing services providers is that the three founding executives make themselves available to clients at all hours of the day. Stan Sher oversees the operations; digital marketing content management, training and consulting side of the business while the other two partners oversee the development and support team as well as video production. Nick Gouvouniotis, the president of Route 9 Mitsubishi in Freehold, NJ says “Auto Ad Builder is the most hands on business partner that I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my nineteen year career in the car business.”

Another dealer client, Car Link in Morristown, NJ said, “Auto Ad Builder is the real deal and the proof is in the numbers.” He added “We were selling around thirty cars per month and just came off of a record month with seventy cars sold.” Auto Ad Builder has just signed a new dealership with multiple locations in Jersey City, NJ. In a matter of five days the firm has more than tripled activity on Facebook and Instagram. A brand new website is about to be launched for the new client and Stan Sher will be working hands on with the Business Development (BDC) department to create an improved culture with improved follow up processes.

Auto Ad Builder has a growth plan to be a unique boutique agency that services a limited amount of clients in order to personalize services for the clients. “We do not want every single Honda dealership in the market. We just want one Honda dealership per state so that we can do things on a more personalized basis and better than these huge companies do it. In short, we want to work with dealers that truly want to dominate their competition. If you want to be just like everyone else then you are not the dealership for us” said Stan Sher.

One of the Auto Ad Builder partners said “We want Stan Sher to be the face of our company because he has great business, sales and marketing skills while we stay behind the scenes and focus on producing results for our clients.” The partnership is solid between the Auto Ad Builder team because each partner brings a specific skill that complements one another. Auto Ad Builder has been serving car dealers since 1995 while Dealer eTraining has been providing training and consulting services since 2010. The firms have multiple office locations throughout New York and New Jersey.

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Automotive Sales Trainer Stan Sher of Dealer eTraining Partners With Auto Ad Builder

Dealer eTraining founder Stan Sher joins forces with Auto Ad Builder to deliver the most effective Automotive Digital Marketing services for automobile dealerships.

SOMERVILLE, N.J.Jan. 29, 2017PRLog — Stan Sher has been a growing Dealer eTraining for six years by delivering world-class automotive sales training solutions for automobile dealers. The one opportunity that Stan realized he was missing was the ability to provide automotive digital marketing services to dealers. The start of 2017 marks a joint partnership between Dealer eTraining and Auto Ad Builder. “Auto Ad Builder is the most real deal and dealer friendly marketing services provider that I have ever seen,” says Stan Sher, the automotive executive that brings over fourteen years of experience. Auto Ad Builder provides personable services to dealer clients by going above and beyond what any other vendor in automotive is willing to do.

Auto Ad Builder brings over twenty years of automotive experience because the founder, Peter Ventura has a passion for automobiles. Peter’s passion for automobiles is seen in the way that he works with dealers. “I analyze dealer’s websites, pictures, advertising, operations and other marketing efforts only to realize that they are all missing that personalized attention,” says Peter Ventura. He added, “Auto Ad Builder is all about delivering the perfect experience to our clients.” Peter has been following Stan Sher and Dealer eTraining for four years all over the internet and social media. “I have been impressed with how Stan Sher operates because he truly gives it all when it comes time to work. We share the same philosophies and decided that we can complement each other,” says Ventura.

Stan Sher and Peter Ventura have been working nonstop on developing videos and content to grow this new joint venture the right way. Earlier this month, Stan hosted a free webinar training session for automotive internet sales, business development and showroom sales. The partnership between Dealer eTraining and Auto Ad Builder helped supply the resources to put this event together. “I find that our strategy meetings between the partners always deliver such great ideas that they can be a webinar within itself,” says Peter Ventura. The two firms have combined services and have just signed up their first client for 2017.

The plan for Dealer eTraining and Auto Ad Builder is to grow one dealer client at a time. Stan Sher says, “We are a boutique advertising and operations consulting firm with the focus of delivering quality service from the very start of the relationship with our clients.” Between Dealer eTraining and Auto Ad Builder the firm is providing services that include digital marketing services, managed social media, inventory management, operations consulting, training and even recruiting. Auto Ad Builder is going to also improve the virtual training services that are currently being offered by Dealer eTraining.

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Automotive Sales and Business Development Expert Stan Sher Celebrates Fourteen Years In Business

Dealer eTraining founder Stan Sher is celebrating the fourteenth anniversary since starting his career in the automotive industry.

SOMERVILLE, N.J.Jan. 26, 2017PRLog — It was fourteen years ago this month that was the spark of a change in career direction for Stan Sher. Stan Sher was twenty years old, attending college and working three jobs as a lifeguard and swimming instructor to pay for his college tuition, brand new car and rent. At the time Stan wanted to take a job that would allow him to understand the real business world. “I was studying to become a school teacher and I wanted to enhance my resume by taking a job that would require me to work with more people.” says Stan Sher, the 33-year-old current founder and president of Dealer eTraining. He added, “I answered an ad for a job to sell cars at a Hyundai and Mazda dealership and was hired right away to start training.”

Stan Sher would spend the next eight years working in retail dealerships where he held positions such as Sales Consultant, Internet Sales Manager, Internet Director, Dealership Process Facilitator and Sales Manager. Stan worked with Honda, Acura and Nissan brands where he was consistently successful in growing sales for Internet and Business Development departments. Throughout that time Stan decided that he would make the automotive industry his career and start teaching other people how to become successful in the industry. In December of 2010 Stan launched Dealer eTraining with the goal of providing training services for under performing car dealerships. “I first met Stan when he was training the BDC in a dealership that I worked in and he has been such an inspiration for my own growth” says Romel Quintanilla, Internet Sales Manager at Don Johnson Motors in Brownsville, Texas.

Stan Sher has managed to grow Dealer eTraining into the premier and well respected training and consulting firm for the automotive industry. Dealer eTraining has just celebrated six years in business. In recent times Stan Sher has been providing consulting and training services to major automotive OEM corporations as well. “I have had the privilege of training and consulting well over 100 dealerships over the last six years and I plan to triple that number in the next five years” says Stan Sher.

The growth of Stan Sher and Dealer eTraining ( includes a recent major partnership with Auto Ad Builder ( Together the two companies offer hands-on solutions for digital marketing, recruiting, consulting and training.