Stan has spent many years working in the automotive retail industry. It all started when he was in college and wanted to start getting further ahead. He answered an advertisement and immediately got hired to sell cars. It took two weeks of training and the first day on the floor for him to sell two vehicles. He realized that this job was fun and wanted to learn more about it. It helped to see how successful management at the dealership was financially.


In a matter of eight years Stan worked at a few dealerships and grew from a sales consultant to management and director level positions. In a Honda dealership he took an Internet Sales department from selling 25 units per month to over 70 within 60 days! He later worked in a startup Nissan dealership that was selling over 250 units per month just after being in business for 9 months. He founded Dealer eTraining in 2010. This allowed him to successfully provide training and consulting services to automobile dealerships, dealer associations and even OEMs. He has also been a speaker at numerous conferences and a writer for most automotive industry publications.

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