My History

Stan Sher is a business sales and marketing strategist. Originally from Kiev, Ukraine Stan has learned the value of hard work and dedication in order to become successful. Stan was fortunate to grow up with a loving and supportive family. From his teenage years he was motivated to do something great in life. Stan has spent over fourteen years in the automotive industry. He is the founder of Dealer eTraining and Social Sher. Additionally, he turned his musical passion and hobby into a venture called Digital Guitar Player.



Major Views

I was born on June 12, 1983 in Kiev, Ukraine to a loving family. My family and I came to to the United States in 1989. We spent the first five years in Brooklyn, NY before relocating to New Jersey. I spent most of years growing up in East Brunswick, NJ where I graduated high school part of the class of 2002. I was part of a very close smaller family and I am an only child. I grew up quicker than most of my peers because I spent the majority of my childhood years after school with my grandparents.

Throughout my childhood and teenage years I studied Martial Arts, played guitar and was a member of the wrestling team. At age 14 I started working for a pool management company as a gate guard and eventually would become a Lifeguard. I worked for this company for over 7 years and would be promoted to Head Lifeguard and Assistant Supervisor. I also taught private swimming lessons at that time. I attended Middlesex County College and later transferred to University of Phoenix. At times I was working two jobs while going to school. This afforded me the ability to purchase my first brand new car at 19 years old.

My hobbies include music, going to concerts, studying martial arts, going to the beach, spending time with family and friends. I hold relationships very dear to my heart. I am very close with my parents, grandparents and best friends. Every chance that I get I like to donate to a charity or help a friend in need. There are times when I can be found volunteering for a cause or doing a walk for a cause.

I love to read and gain knowledge that will help me better myself in business. What I do for a living is not just a job, it is also a hobby. People are always asking me for help in certain facets of their business. This has inspired me to freely put out content that can help people get motivated to do better in life and business. I personally come from a middle class family where everything that was ever given to me was earned. I want to share my life experiences and business minded knowledge to help other people succeed.



Our Aims

After spending over 7 years working for a pool management company I decided that I wanted to start gaining professional experience. While still in college where I was studying to become a school teacher I started working as a car sales professional for a major Honda dealership. I fell in love with the ability to earn a living by communicating with people as well as the ability to control my own destiny.

I spent four years selling cars both on the showroom floor and on the internet before transitioning into a sales management role at another major Honda dealership. I had gained experience as a sales manager, marketing manager, internet director and dealership process facilitator. I also worked for a startup marketing company called “Red Numbat” where I was in charge of Industry Relations. I would later gain success as the eCommerce Director at an up and coming dealership called “Teddy Nissan”. While there I build a Business Development Center that helped the brand new dealership achieve almost 250 cars per month within just 9 months of being in business.

My success in retail propelled me to start my national automotive sales training and consulting firm, Dealer eTraining. I have since been a published author in multiple automotive industry publications as well as a major speaker for numerous automotive conferences and dealer associations. I have personally trained and consulted over 50 automobile dealerships in the United States on the process of automotive internet sales and business development. I recently partnered with Auto Ad Builder and XIN Designs to create some cutting edge solutions for auto dealers.

With the success of my automotive consultancy and my growing interest in social media I founded, Social Sher to work with small business. I would offer similar consulting services as I do with Dealer eTraining as well as social media consulting. I was fortunate to help smaller marketing companies, restaurants and even accounting offices take their social media and reputation management to the next level.


My Way of Success
Ages 14-21
Work for Sparkling Pool Services inc.

I went to work for Sparkling Pool Services inc. in New Jersey. I worked as a lifeguard for seven years for the company during the summer and on the weekends in the off seasons.

Age 17
Gave me my own pool

Sparkling Pool Services inc. gave me my own pool to managed and promoted me to Head Lifeguard / Assistant Supervisor. I stayed in this role at the same pool for three summers. At times I was helping the supervisor manage their territory of pools during their days off. I also started teaching swimming lessons on the side working for myself.

Age 19
My first brand new vehicle

I purchased my first brand new vehicle with my own money and financed it. I also enrolled in college and paid my tuition in cash without taking out a student loan.

Age 22
Honda vehicles

July of 2005 was the first month that I made a five figure income selling Honda vehicles at Courtesy Honda in Sanford, FL. I sold 25 cars that month finishing in second place to a veteran sales consultant that worked at the dealership for over ten years. He beat me by one unit. I repeated that streak for the next six months. On December 31, 2015 I sold and delivered 5 cars in one day.

Age 23
Internet Director

I became the Internet Director for Precision Acura in Princeton, NJ where I took the department from ten units to over 35 units per month.

Age 25
Wrote my very first article

I wrote my very first article and was published in Digital Dealer Magazine.

Age 26
Ecommerce and BDC director

I became the eCommerce and BDC director for a brand new up and coming Nissan dealership. Teddy Nissan in the Bronx, NY area went from 30 units per month to over 250 units within the first nine months in business. My BDC went from 30 units in it’s first month to over 100 units consistently within the first 10 months in business.

Age 27
Dealer eTraining

I started Dealer eTraining to become the fastest growing automotive sales training and consulting firm in the automotive industry. My company specializes in Internet, BDC, Sales and Management improvement for car dealerships.

Age 28
Debuted as a public speaker

I debuted as a public speaker by speaking at the Innovative Dealer Summit in Denver, CO. I spoke about the topic of utilizing social media with customer follow up.

Age 29
My second business venture

I launched my second business venture, Social Sher. Social Sher is both a media company and a training, consulting firm for small business operations.

Age 31
Skills to the next level

I took my social media skills to the next level by launching Digital Guitar Player. Digital Guitar Player is a blog about my passion for playing guitar. I get to review guitar music, instruments, interview musicians and just live the musical dream that was never possible before.

Age 33
Work with a major automotive OEM

I was selected to provide consulting work with a major automotive OEM as a contract facilitator and consultant. My company Dealer eTraining partnered up with a boutique automotive digital marketing firm called Auto Ad Builder. We combined our services to service dealers with Digital Marketing services such as website, social media management, content management, inventory management as well as recruiting, training and consulting. Dealer eTraining is now able to offer dealers a lot more value than before.

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