About Stan


Stan Sher was born Stanislav Sher in the city of Kiev located in Ukraine on June 12, 1983. His family moved from Ukraine to the United States in 1989 when Stan was just five years old. Stan and is family spent the first five years living in Brooklyn, NY. He learned the english language quickly and adapted to the environment. In those formative years he spent his time after school with his grandparents (on his father’s side) while his parents were working. At ten years old Stan’s parents relocated the family to East Brunswick, NJ. This would be become his official forever home.


Stan was heavily involved in studying Kung Fu for twelve years and attaining a high rank in the martial arts. Stan also wrestled in middle school and high school for the East Brunswick Bears. Having come from a musically inspired family he took up playing the guitar at age twelve. This hobby has stayed with him and continues to a major part of his life. Today Stan owns more than eight guitars, travels to concerts and even operates a guitar blog called “Digital Guitar Player” for fun.



Stan has a small family. He is very close with his parents and his grandmother. He is an only child. The close knit family of five that included Stan, his parents and grandparents has been the most important part of his life. Other parts of Stan’s family include a grandfather, aunt and two cousins.

The Work: 

Stan came from a middle class blue collar family and learned to appreciate everything that he had from a very early age. At age fourteen he got his first job working for a pool management company as a lifeguard. He worked for this company for seven years while also working other lifeguarding jobs. He got his first taste of entrepreneurship when he started teaching swimming lessons at age seventeen. The work ethic was there from the beginning. In fact as a teenager in summer Stan would work six days a week and eleven hours per day. This was a great start to what Stan would be doing for a living for the rest of his life.

The Future:

The goal is to grow. Stan loves children and hopes to settle down one day when he is ready. The business ventures are still in the process of growing too. There is only one way to go and that way is to all the way up!