Who is Stan Sher?

Stan Sher is a business sales and marketing strategist. Originally from Kiev, Ukraine Stan has learned the value of hard work and dedication in order to become successful. Stan was fortunate to grow up with a loving and supportive family. From his teenage years he was motivated to do something great in life. Stan has spent over fourteen years in the automotive industry. He is the founder of Dealer eTraining and Social Sher. Additionally, he turned his musical passion and hobby into a venture called Digital Guitar Player. Stan has one goal and that is to help others discover their true potential and improve their lives.

My Purpose ?

Stan likes to create quotes for social media to inspire and motivate others. The purpose is to be the best human being possible. Be kind to others. Love and support my family. Network with as many people as possible. Create meaningful relationships. Work to be successful. Share the success by helping others. Everything else in this life does not matter as much.

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